Microsoft Technical Phone Screen Interview Questions

General Questions - What do you work on and what is your preferred area? - What do you not like to work on? Patterns & Design - What patterns have you used? - Whats a pattern that implements event driven programming model? - When would you use inheritance vs encapsulation? Xml Questions - How do you validate an Xml document? Whats the difference between XSD and DTD? - When do you use an Attribute vs an Element in an XML Schema? - What are two major types of parsers? Which would you use? SQL Questions - Tradeoffs of indexing a table - What is Denormalization? Why would you use it? - INNER JOIN vs OUTER JOIN Data Structures - What underlying data structure would you use for implementing a Dictionary? Justify your choice? How does the choice affect the runtime? - What are different methods of resolving Hashtable collisions? - Implement a Generic Stack Class in C# C# Questions - Explain delegates - Whats the difference between delegates and events - Explain lamda expressions and closure - Asynchronous delegates. Whats does BeginInvoke and EndInvoke do? Networking TCP/IP - Compare and contrast TCP vs UDP. Give examples of applications that use each. - How would you troubleshoot a connectivity issue with a computer? Develeopment and Testing Practices - How do you test your code? - Do you write test cases before you write code? If yes, why? - Do you do code coverage analysis? What are the code coverage numbers? - What would you like those numbers to be? Can you acheive 100% coverage? - What code analysis tools do you use? Whats the problem with using FxCop on ASP.Net code?

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